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Imagine a classroom full of students excited about discovering a new work of literature. Imagine them truly seeing how the themes relate to their coursework, current events and ideas and feelings as they navigate their own journey to adulthood.

When you bring a Literature to Life Educational Program to your classroom, you will not have to imagine, you'll see it happen right before your eyes.

Literature to Life's educational programs use the themes of each performance to inspire deeper conversation and help students understand how the lives of the characters relate to their own lives.

Working with professional Teaching Artists, Students who take part in these educational programs learn to:

• Comprehend and critique as they cite specific evidence from the story through discussions and writing.

• Question assumptions and premises of author, character, and society.

• Understand other perspectives and cultures.

• Demonstrate independent thinking as they articulate their own ideas on racism, justice, identity and values.

• Consider the implications for their own decisions in life.

Literature to Life's educational programs are led by teaching artists who are both experienced educators and professional performing artists.

We currently offer the following educational programs:

One Day Workshops

Teaching artists come to the schools for a day after the performances and work with the students in their classrooms. Students will create response pieces to the play, which can cross a variety of art forms including monologue writing, performing, and poetry. These programs can be applied to a wide range of curriculum including Theatre, Social Studies, English and more, and are customized to fit specific teaching goals.


Our residencies allow the Teaching Artists and students to dig deep into the text of the play in order for students to create master work inspired by the themes and discussion of the performance. Students will learn elements of theater, performance, critical and literary writing. Teaching artists work with students for 6 sessions, usually 2 per week over a course of 3 weeks. Residencies will culminate with students performing their own written text as a monologue, short play, or poem.

Professional Training Programs

Our experienced staff and artist educators are available to train school and community educators to use Literature to Life performances as a jumping off point for guiding youth to think critically and independently, while making personal connections to the story.

Educators will walk away with a set of learning activities and strategies to use with youth, including, kinesthetic and dramatic activities that can be applied across the curriculum and in community settings.



Lois Lowry

I have witnessed first-hand how Literature to Life allows its audience members to reflect on the past, connect to the present and envision a future of their own making.

The themes explored in these one-person adaptations of classic American literature are more relevant for young people today in the 21st century than ever before.

Grounding complex conversations through a piece of high-quality theater, not only brings literature to life, but pushes its young audience members to consider how they can be more active citizens engaged in the fight for social justice."

Fabian Saucedo
Teaching Artist



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