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The Poetry of Emily Dickinson



When you talk about giants of American poetry Emily Dickinson tops the list. Imagine opening a door and in she walks, bringing her poetry to life. Through interactive theatre, students will gain confidence in interpreting and internalizing the magnificent and universal poetry of Emily Dickinson.

"I think Emily Dickinson is a classic because she writes about real life situations and feelings. Even though she thought she was a nobody, she turned out to be a well-known somebody."

– Student, Wickenburg, AZ High School

Colonel Higginson, editor of Atlantic Monthly in the year 1862, organizes a reconnaissance team to help uncover autobiographical knowledge of this reclusive but prolific poet. All this, with Emily by his side.

Students will hear and experience the poetry from Emily Dickinson herself. This performance includes some of the world's favorite poems such as "This is my letter to the world." "Hope is the thing with feathers," and "I'm nobody! Who are you?"

Suggested Ages: 10 and up



Lois Lowry

Author: Emily Dickinson

Adaptation and Direction:
Wynn Handman



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