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Literature to Life brings the New York Times bestseller and an international classic to life in a stunning solo performance that audiences will be discussing for days. A favorite on the national educational circuit, The Kite Runner has played in communities from California to Massachusetts.

Many readers see my novel, The Kite Runner, as a book about Afghanistan, a story of its violent recent past, its tragedies and upheavals, its rich culture and resilient people. They tell me that this book opened for them an intimate window into my troubled homeland, and that news stories about Afghanistan suddenly registered with them on a deep and personal level.

And stage has always been a unique and powerful medium for storytelling, direct and intimate, organic and spontaneous. I thank Literature to Life for selecting the story of Amir and Hassan, two boys who lived in my mind and are dear to my heart. I am grateful and thrilled.

– Khalend Hosseini

From the first novel about contemporary Afghanistan to be written in English, this performance dramatically portrays the relationship of two boys – Amir, a privileged Pashtun and Hassan, a Hazara servant. Through the eyes of the young protagonist, Amir, the actor takes us on a heartbreaking journey of friendship and betrayal in a society of severe class division.

This Literature to Life award winner, features fifty minutes of verbatim performance from the first half of this best-selling contemporary novel. The adaptation mirrors the original short story written by the author and utilizes original Afghani music as a backdrop for the performance.

Suggested Ages: 14 and up



Lois Lowry

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Adaptation and Direction:
Wynn Handman

Black Boy



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